Saturday, June 2, 2007

I REALLY don't like people right now.

People are always surprised to see photos of me smiling. I smile...when I have reason too.

Salt and Vinegar Chips + Sour Cream = Pretty Good.

If you're going to post "model" photos of yourself on a dating site in's probably not a good idea to be wearing tighty whities...your package looks small. I'm not impressed. The rest of you ain't bad though.

It's done, turned in my intent to vacate papers today. I freaked out a bit last night reading reviews about how bad other complexes are. We shall see.

A bit productive...ha ha success.

I ate three times today. I kind of proud of myself.

I'm feelin' like smokin' hookah would be real nice right now.


I met a guy online who crochets. I laughed at the thought of it at first, but now I think it's pretty damn awesome.

Worky work work, boring as usual.

I think I may have spent too much time in the sun today. I'm just a lil' burned.

Those camo Chucks are on sale. Oh how I wish they could be mine. Anyone willing to make a donation?

Okay so TheCrocheter and I have mucho in common. Good. He lives in NJ. Kinda sucks. Ah well. I've enjoyed the few conversations we've had. Glad I took the chance and sent him a message.

What's my motivation???


I want, I want, I want, I want. I need, I need, I need, I need.

Two years left to finish all the things on my 101 in a 1001 list. I think I have a decent start. Need to update and start more goals.

Rejection emails and letters don't make looking for a job very easy.

Dude...I have my music on pretty darn loud and I can still hear your ass talking on the phone. Shut up already. And yes I did see you diggin' up your nose. That's sick.

I need something sweet. Cookies would be really nice. Or brownies.

I REALLY don't like people right now.

Mmmm...Teddy Grahams.

STOP!!! STOP IMing me already. Ugh!

Attempt No. 2 at going to bed.

I'm so effin' stubborn.

Attempt No. 3 at going to bed...someone is not going to be happy in the morning.

TWo months...two whole months...when will this drought end???'s not cool to text at 8 something to tell me about some band on TV.

Steamed bagels from the place next to Starbucks in Broadripple = yummy deliciousness.

Etsy is addicting. So much creativity all in one place.

Saturday morning cartoons suck. What happened to the good stuff?

It's been a slow, slow week.

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