Monday, June 25, 2007

Pimpin' is back!

Sweet glorious rain. It feels so cool against my warm skin. Yes I went out in my pj's and stood in the rain. I loved every minute of it. Who cares what the neighbors think.

I'll save the puddle jumping for a little later. Maybe after I have lunch. [no puddle jumping today, the sun came and dried them all up]

Another day off. Stupid corporate. I don't know too many people who actually complain about days off.

I'm a big weirdo, but we all already knew that.

Sleepy, sleep, sleep sleepy...I need sleep.

Napping in the sun is always nice. Mmmmm...sun.

Thanks for the drink and sorry for the TMI.


"...Said I'm feenin for you...I don't have a mind...It's all blown on you, baby...Girl I'm so strung out...All I do is wish for you...So tomorrow if you're not here...Then girl I'm down...So I need you near...I just wanna make it through the night...So hold me tight...Then girl I'm alright..."

He does it everytime.

Ewww, my teeth need a good whitening.

I really need to change the studs in my cartiledge. They are humongo...I need something moderate.

I love my light eyes.

Pimpin' is back!

The Narcissist is acting funny. Why all the attention all of a sudden?

What'd I say? What'd I do?

Sammiches from Au Bon Pain...mmm...mmm...mmm.

She said I mine as well tell people I'm mixed with black because you can't tell I got any white in me with a booty like mine.

*shrugs shoulders*

Yeah I don't know.

I need for this "dancer" to have more rhythm if she's gonna be up on the box like that. The 40 year old dude on the dance floor got better moves than her.

Was that "dancer" really doing the crip walk to 2Pac's - Califorinia Love?

*shakes head*

Broadripple at night = two thumbs down.

Let me sleep damn it. Must go to dentist soon.

I slept all effin' day.

My hair is gettin' so long. I didn't even realize it until I started editing photos.

Working floor sets is always much more fun than working regular shifts. I wish I could work those more often. Or work only those and just get paid more.


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