Wednesday, September 26, 2007

...Everything's gonna be alright...


I want someone to walk with me and hold my hand...literally and figuratively.

I'm such a dunderhead. I woke up and was ready a WHOLE hour early for work. I don't know where my mind has gone, but it's definitely not here anymore.

I've developed a like for big dangly earrings. And For Love 21 seems to be the perfect place to purchase said earrings.

I hope you're taking notes.

This new thing at work where EVERY shift we work we have to convince at least ONE person to apply for a store credit card or the store as a whole will get written up = an increase in my stress level that I just don't need right now. Fucking sucks.

It's time for me to get out of retail.

Please someone hire me for a regular 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. It might not be me, but I need something.

I'm so exhausted I don't want to do ANYTHING tonight.

What's going on? I had a small glass of milk tonight and I feel fine. Woo hoo!!!


Damn I slept good last night. So much so that when my phone rang I sleepily peered over at my alarm clock and asked myself why the fuck it was making such an odd noise. Only then did I realize that it was my phone ringing.

I have no clue how long it's been since I've slept like that. It was great.

*heckles the rain* Booooo!!! At least it's not pouring though...but fuck I've got to walk through it and it fucks with my knees.

"...I just want you close...Where you can stay forever...You can be sure...That it will only get better....You and me together...Through the days and nights...I don't worry 'cause...Everything's gonna be alright...People keep talking...They can say what they like...But all I know is everything's gonna be one no one no one....Can get in the way of what I'm one no one no one...Can get in the way of what I feel for you..."

Take care of me?

Say yes.

One more month until the annual celebration of the day I was unleashed on the world. And this year I actually have a list of things I want. (Expect a blog list in a few weeks.)

I most definitely want tickets to Prince vs. Michael Jackson. I HAVE to be there.

Oh and I'm not working on my birthday this year. I will play hooky if I'm scheduled to work.


I have enough clothes to wear. I just need some socks.

Really I don't mind walking that mile plus to and from the bus stop. I just dislike that there isn't a sidewalk and that people like to drive close enough to clip me if they're not careful.

*deep breath*

Today is Boss Lady No. 3's last day of work. WOO HOO!!!

Why did jheri curl lady pat me on the shoulder??? I guess I should be glad she didn't jab me in the shoulder like she did last time.

"My Antics and I" - I think I want to turn my blog lists into a book, even if just for myself to look back on when I age gracefully.


Shit, short of holding a gun to someone's head, what the fuck else is there to do???

FYI, if you hound or lecture me about shit I go into tune out mode. Yes, uh huh, gotcha. *nods head*

You know the relationship between NotInterested and I is damn near perfect. We talk often, we're not up under each other, the sex is good, we have lives of our own. I'd say the only thing that sucks is the sneaking around.

Mmmmm...chocolate chip cookies.

I got my forever ever? shirt today and them bitches fucked it up. The image is crooked. Crooked enought that it's noticable and it irks me. I wanted to wear it this weekend...but no. Assfaces.

I gave TallMcHell an opportunity and he didn't take it. Stupid boys.

"I don't want to casually date forever. I just want to love one person really hard and really intensely. I want to settle down and be domestic and cook dinner and have lazy Sundays in bed. I want someone who will love me all my lifetime, who will be faithful, who will raise children with me, who will hold my hand when we are old and grey. I want a career I love, time to do the things I enjoy doing, passion, great sex, dancing, fireworks. I want it all." ~Spatch from The Spatch Diaries

Well said.

"I love life, so I'm just living it." ~TheStudent on getting ready to leave for France

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