Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sounds promising...I hope so.


Karma hole has turned into Karma studio.

Ya'lls done messed with the wrong girls. Can you bring it?

That statement doesn't sound quite right. *shrugs shoulder* Oh well...

Having my back scratched right now would be perfect.

Lazy, lazy day.

That burrito wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be. I think I hyped it up too much in my head. I hate when that happens.


"...sweet dreams are made of these...who am I to the world and the seven seas...everybody's looking for something...some of them want to use you...some of them want to get used by you...some of them want to abuse you...some of them want to be abused..."

I'm pretty sure by now that a good portion of my friends know that I enjoy sex and probably think I'm a nympho or something. I can't help it. I have an insatiable appetite that has been starved for a very long time. One of these days I'll find a man who can keep up.

He asked if I was going to be shady when I saw him in public, but he's the one who could barely say hello. I see how it is.

The conversations people have when they're drunk are hilarious. The way people get philosophical and life and what not. "You drop the pen and you try ALL day to pick it up and you can't. But you can just pick it up." WTF?

Thanks FlashDance for coming to my rescue. I truly appreciate it.


Worky, work, work, work.

The photos from last Saturday turned out pretty well I think. Of course I screwed up a bunch in the beginning. I seem to do that a lot. Oh well. I still got a bunch of great shots. (Check out my Portfolio album for the updates.)

Still waiting for that call back homey. TheBestFriend is so predictable. But I can't blame him. He's gotta fix up his new house and get it baby ready.

I should probably eat soon.

"u get laid by accident more thn anybody" ~ATLShawty on recent events

I wouldn't say that. Maybe I'm just naive to some of the actions of men...and can't see where things are going until right before they happen.

" somebody, she's a beauty...very special, really and truly...takes good care of me, like it's her duty...won't you ride by my side night and letting go, no holding back...because you are my lady...when I'm with you it's all about that...girl I'm so glad we've made it..."

Maybe one day.

Hey hey hey you two quit trying to man handle me.

There is A LOT of tension in my shoulders. Ugh.

I used the "L" word tonight. It just sort of slipped out. I rarely to never utter that word. That's kind of weird.

"I'll deep throat that hot dog." "He's cute." "Oooo, he comes from good genes." What are...things people blurt out when they're drunk. I love being the sober person.

Sounds promising...I hope so.

FUCK...FUCK...FUCK...stop right there stupid thoughts of this and that. Don't go there. Don't read into the words. Men are NOT that complicated.

Must be positive.


No action for me tonight. :( Fucking sucks. I'm so damn horny. I need a regular to be at my beck and call. Wouldn't that be perfect.

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