Saturday, November 17, 2007


A week into it and I’m already slacking on the blogging. I’m sorry blog it’s been a slow week…pretty much just work and trying to find internets.

I’m still a little bitter that I went and spent nearly ten dollars on a T-Mo HotSpot Day Pass while inhaling burnt coffee fumes at Staryucks only to walk half a block and see a FREE WIFI HERE sign on the doors of Au Bon Pain. *sigh* Oh well. I learned a ten dollar lesson that day. But at least the HotSpot Wifi was a lot better than the free stuff. Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Thankfully a little birdy informed me that the ArtsGarden had free wifi and wouldn’t you know it, they do AND it’s a nice strong signal that doesn’t drop AND it’s two minutes from the job. Yay for eWireless Free HotSpots.

And really I can’t think of anything else that happened this past week. I did suck it up and call McDishes on Friday, we talked all of eight minutes as he was headed out to dinner and a show. Although a quick conversation I became more comfortable with the idea of calling him. I talked to several other friends that night as well. Sometimes it’s nice to stay in and talk on the phone, it doesn’t happen very often.

Of course I forgot to do one of the most important things this week: call and inquire about the status of the interviews I had last week. Yeah, I’m a goober sometimes. My intentions were to call Friday morning before I went to work…but yeah…that really didn’t work out.

I looked forward all week to seeing TheFireFighter and then Saturday morning when he should’ve been here with me, he texts me to tell me that he won’t be able to come see me. Figures. Why do I even bother?

I’ve gotten nice and comfortable here on the south side. I’m sleeping well, eating well and am more relaxed. I’m getting back to being me and glad that I’m able to find that person again.

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