Thursday, April 3, 2008

bueno/no bueno


friendly games of online scrabble with TheDirector where I win strip teases via picture mail

enjoying a sammich from Jimmy John's with a friend

stopping traffic with my hot self (dude your lights green, why are your in reverse?)

new beginnings

all this happy and excitement for what's to come

sunny spring days even though it's still a little chilly out

prescription sunglasses

spring sneaker party

punk rock vs. hip hop

millions of ideas racing through my mind


being able to cross things off my spring desires list

days off

hot cocoa

taking pictures again

being excited about taking pictures

job interviews

VERY supportive friends (thanks McDishes)

having enough

libraries with free internets

neatly stacked piles of books

soulrific podcasts

all this energy (now only if I could figure out a way to harness it and focus)

Bobbi Blu shoes

someone wanting a photo I've taken as a wall size print

free snacks at work so I don't have to spend money on junk or starve


found money

the ability to sleep in

helping out a friend/coworker/someone who may or may not need it

laughing at myself at how ridiculous I sound as I realize I'm talking to friend/computer and they can't hear me

discovering local artists and new music


endearing, thoughtful and random text messages


no bueno

me on coffee (thankfully Boss Lady No. 2 didn't kill me)

parents who don't control their small children

green hair that's supposed to be black

missing out on Jill Scott, N.E.R.D., Common and probably The Roots

wanting Mr. Jones

annoyingly loud ringtones

being ignored so to speak by that one boy

new taxes

damn geese hissing at me

forgetting I used that same April Fool's joke last year

watching all my text messages being erased because I hit the wrong button

someone telling me I can't let go because I "love" him

...possibly to be continued...

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