Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"...the universe conspires..."

I'm not a very good blogger...at least not these days. But if you want to catch up with me you can always check out my lists.

Where do I even begin? There really hasn't been a lot going on as all I really do is go to work, come home, go to the library and then come home. It's really exciting.

Let's see...I'm STILL in search of a full time job. I've had a couple of interviews, but no call backs. It's frustrating, but it's beginning to make me think that the universe is conspiring to push in the direction of pursuing this photography and art thing with more heart. But my brain says, but what about the bills?

TheFireFighter, oh TheFireFighter...what do I say. We "fought" for a couple of months about me coming clean and being honest about something he wasn't even supposed to know about. It seemed like things were progressing in a positive manner, but then I realized he was just stringing me along and I decided that I wanted no part in allowing him to make me feel hurt.

I sort of cut him out and then silly ol' me go sucked back in. And we're sort of talking again, if that's what you want to call it. McDishes tells me it's hard to let go because of the convenience and familiarity of what we don't have. And that's probably true. I have this odd hope that we'll be able to work it out, even though I know he's no good for me.

My crush on TheMC has lessened. I still do some subtle flirting when I can and I so enjoy the warm hugs. Ooo...wee...that body...who wouldn't want that body pressed against there's.

My current stress is trying to find a place to rest my head. I have very little to work with, but I have faith that I'm going to be okay. I'll find a job and then the rest will come. It'll all fall into place.

Those are the big things I guess. I've been quite happy through most of it. It seemed unusual to be so happy, but happy I was and happy I am. I have great supportive friends. My situation might not be the best, but it could be worse.

I want to try to keep up here more, but who knows. It's hard sometimes with so much going and nothing really to write about. I think that's why I'd gone to listing.

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