Sunday, May 18, 2008

...marathon kisses we used to share...

1. I love going to my friend's shows and supporting them as much as I can in their endeavors.

2. I wish that I could have a day or two or three to chill with a friend(s) and just be, with no worries about ANYTHING.

3. I know I'm going to be okay in the end, fixing this mess is just going to take some time.

4. I appreciate the love that my friends show me and the help they've been giving me.

5. I want to fall in love with that special someone over and over again.

This one's easy. If you want to do it, just use the bolded words in your own list. Add a comment here if you plan to do it, so I can read yours too.

Past Paradise - Eric Roberson

1 comment:

Superstar said...

This will be a perfect MEME for this week! Thank you.

I like the fall in love, over and over again.