Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Fun List

  • sexy naughty monkey boots
  • warm, fuzzy hoodies to cuddle in during the cool fall nights
  • side gigs & extra moola
  • comfort
  • more money, more hours, more clients, more work, more hugs, more kisses, more time enjoying the company of friends, more lazy hours spent in bed with someone special, more happiness, more love, more sneakers, more threadless tees, more attractive men to flirt with, more dates
  • inexpensive car with good gas mileage that runs well
  • book club @ Front Page
  • donut dates @ Dunkin Donuts
  • kick ass skateboard/long board
  • 0g tunnels and spirals
  • happiness for self and those around me
  • time to give back
  • trip out of town
  • curly hair
  • flatter stomach and stronger back
  • custom chucks
  • new ink
  • spa day
  • horizontal tango fun
  • someone special to enjoy the fall foliage with
  • affection
  • met needs
  • neck kisses, back kisses, long kisses, short kisses, soft kisses, cheek kisses, kissing in the cool fall air, kissing in the sun, kissing before work, kissing after dinner, kissing in bed, kissing in the car
  • support
  • good health for those around me
  • good thoughts and good actions

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