Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you registered to vote?

Only a few days left to're online right now...go do it.

And in honor of my favorite shirt and the upcoming election, I created this shirt:

You can buy it here:

Go buy it.

And then vote.


PS. I hope to be back blogging again soon. Work has been crazy (working nine and thirteen days straight and shit like that).


Superstar said...

you have a job? That is fab...last we all heard, you were near homelsssness and jobless!!!



LOVE the T-shirt...Im going to see if it comes in pink ;o)

That Girl said...

@ superstar: Yeah, things started happening at one job and I ended up with A LOT of hours and was able to get a friend to cosign an apartment for me. And I do believe the t-shirt comes in pink in at least one of the styles. :)