Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week One

Amazing what The Daily Plate considers exercise. Standing around at work actually burns calories and means I can eat more if I want to. I probably shouldn't have though.

I lost one pound this week. I didn't really exercise though, but I am more aware of the things I eat. I eat a lot of bread and sweets. All that bread devouring is probably why I'm so fluffy. *deep heavy sigh*

This week I'll have to try to work in more exercise and cut back on the bread. Oh sweet bread how do I love you.

Anywho...I do have some things I want to blog about, I just need to sit my fluffy ass down and get to writing. Twitter and Tumblr have taken over my blogging. That and other projects. Gotta start making those lists of things to do. Makes life easier.

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