Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is a public service announcement, this is only a test...

Pulled this off of my MySpace blog...

Notice to ALL Future Boyfriends...a little information guide to help make our time together more pleasant.

1. I WILL want sex more than you. More often than not you'll turn me down more than I will you. I'll probably be more ready and willing than you can handle. This will irritate me at times.

2. I have the tendency to be an insensitive jackass. I'm working on it. Words will come out of my mouth that are not intended for anyone's ears. I might actually mean them, but they still aren't always meant to be heard.

3. I need space when I sleep. That doesn't mean I don't like to cuddle, I don't mind it for a little while...but when it's time for sleep and all that body heat is making me hot and sweaty I need some space and the cool side of the pillow.

4. I have A LOT of male friends. They are JUST friends. Be easy.

5. I am not that open with my feelings until I feel I can trust you enough with them. I don't like being vulnerable. In time I'll open up.

6. My friends are an important part of my life. They were here before you...there will be times when I put them ahead of you.

7. I'm quiet and I like quiet. Excessive noise pisses me off...especially music that's not my own.

8. I'm always on time...if not early. I drives me crazy when people are late, especially when they have no good excuse. It's a sure fire way to piss me off.

9. I like to learn about the things that make you tick and that you enjoy and are passionate about. Teach me.

10. I like the idea of lingerie, but think tanks and boy shorts are sexier.

11. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, but the dishes afterwards are my enemy as is the trash. Mucho brownie points if you wash the dishes and take out the trash for me without me ever mentioning it.

12. I REALLY appreciate the little things...back rubs...cuddling...holding hands.

13. Hitting and teasing are my way of showing affection. Hugs and kisses are too.

14. I will buy you things. Little things that make me think about you and that I think you'll appreciate.

15. I'm eclectic and creative and will sometimes appear as if I'm not all there.

16. I'm a bit of a organized neat freak...even when I'm messy I try to be neat and organized.

17. Sometimes I like to listen mainstream music even though I know it's bad. I can't help myself sometimes.

18. Everybody poops, everybody farts, everybody etc. It doesn't bother me, it's human...but if it's gonna stink warn me and if it stinks light a match.

19. I don't like people. I have the tendency to be quiet and shy at gatherings. I'll warm up eventually...just don't ditch me for hours at a time.

20. I can be quite perverted at times. I'm still a lady though and expect to be treated as one.

21. I'm quite adventurous in bed and in life. Let's have lots of fun.

22. I am intelligent. Just a little slow at times. I take pleasure in learning.

23. I do not have a good relationship with my mother and brother. I don't like to talk about them. The incidents that occurred between them and me may affect our relationship. I'm working on getting past it. Please be patient.

24. I act tough, but I'm really a thoughtful and caring person at heart. I love and crave affection. I'm touched by the little things, like forehead kisses.

25. I'm easily entertained. Give me a piece of paper...maybe a pen too and I'll be good for a while.

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