Monday, June 8, 2009

SneakerBoy ListMaker format...

  • I have no clue when I noticed SneakerBoy. It was gradual.
  • I do know that it was the roundness of his butt I noticed first though.
  • He looked to be no older than 19.
  • Then I noticed he had great legs and a nice upper body.
  • Still I thought he was young, no need to get all riled up unless it was only to be a quick stockroom encounter.
  • Later I noticed he was more than just a nice body and that he had a nice voice.
  • But still he couldn't be older than 19 and well, I can't do anything with that. We couldn't even go to a bar and grab a drink.
  • A few weeks ago while talking to one of his coworkers I found out that he was indeed old enough to partake in adult activities.
  • That was when the school girl crush sprouted. The green light that signaled I could go ahead and see what could be.
  • But my nerves kept getting the better of me when I tried to say just a simple Hi.
  • A handful of missed opportunities and a lot of encouragement from all my friends on top of the shock they expressed when they found out how shy I tend to be.
  • After not seeing him for a few days, too many missed opportunities, threats from friends and enough signs I finally just asked one of his friendly coworkers if SneakerBoy was available.
  • His coworker smiled and said he wasn't sure and that he'd give me his number and I could ask him myself. His coworker also mentioned that SneakerBoy had mentioned me to him at one point. Good sign?
  • I'm not a talk on the phone person.
  • I texted him.
  • He said he wasn't sure who I was, but had a pretty good idea. He agreed to grab a drink or lunch with me.
  • The next day at work he walked passed and gave a shy wave. On his second pass by, there was there was awkwardness and my confidence kind of fell.
  • I thought, at some point we'll actually have to talk to one another.
  • I later walked passed his place of employment and his coworker stopped and asked if I'd talked to him.
  • No.
  • He then told me to hold on while he retrieved SneakerBoy, I said don't do that, but it was too late, SneakerBoy spotted me and approached as his coworker exited stage right.
  • We chatted...about work. But it wasn't forced and it was an easy conversation.
  • Later via text I suggested a few days to grab a drink, but he was unfortunately for me busy and getting ready to head out of town.
  • I haven't heard from or seen him since.
  • I'm waiting until after he gets back from out of town before I suggest another date.
  • If he's still busy, well then I'm leaving the ball in his court.
  • I'm hopeful though.

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