Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Wishlist

I've discovered that when I list things I want they tend to come to pass. So here we go:

  • cupcakes (cupcakes are what's real in the street)

  • smoke hookah (this is always a good time)

  • a Mexican pizza from Bazbeaux's w/o the sausage

  • a skateboard

  • time off from work that I get to spend with friends

  • iPod Touch (I wanted the iPhone, but I like Sprint service and still have a year on my plan)

  • the Duct Tape Skytop Supras sz M7

  • a cute pair of peep toes or heels like this, this, this or these (although they're not peep toes)

  • new hoodies, specifically ones that are warm and fuzzy

  • cardigans

  • a car or a rental for the weekend

  • a trip out of town

  • peace and happiness

  • trip to the casino

  • new apartment @ Turnverein

  • some of my favorite etsy finds

  • crafting goodies

  • new orders for hats, jewelry and cards

  • hot cocoa mix from godiva

  • this desk from Target

  • this bookshelf

  • a pedicure or spa day

  • Dunkin Donuts

  • a P & S camera (that new one out with the screen on the front looks pretty neat)

  • new ink

  • red Chucks

  • yellow Chucks

  • a DVD player w/ a subscription to Netflix

  • a Wii

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