Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Year Has Passed

I started doing these survey types things back in my scrapbooking days and I tried to do this on in particular on the same day every year. I haven't kept up for the last couple of years. I thought today was a good day to start doing thing again, so here I go.

Melissa Lambino, 31
November 4, 2010 11:50AM

Inside, I feel like I'm: in my mid 20's. Funny thing is when I look back at previous answers I felt the same way. I think maybe I've just stopped growing.

A goal I'm working right now: building my small business and getting my life in order. Doing me.

My most recent achievement: Hmmm...probably still that I passed the driving test two years ago and now have a driver's license.

The last gift I bought for someone: bought? I'd have to say cupcakes for my former coworker. I tend to make gifts these days.

The last CD I bought: Does trading CD's count? If so, Timeless by Sergio Mendes. I like to trade stuff, saves me some money. :)

My current favorite song: Maybe So, Maybe No - Mayer Hawthorne

The last movie I saw in the theater: The Social Network

The last book I read: That I've finished - Heaven is Small by Emily Schultz, I'm currently in the middle of reading several books.

The last new thing I learned: Tin foil will cut you worse than paper and you won't even realize it until your finger is bleeding.

What I'm wearing right now: White tank top and pajama pants.

The last person I talk to on the phone: Someone at Old Navy. I had a question about some pants.

What I ate for breakfast today: Townhouse crackers and tea.

What I thought I'd be doing by this age: married, wrangling a couple of children. Happy and successful.

Something I'm saving up for right now: that's a long list, but here are a few items: new specs, shoes, iPod Touch, yarn, etsy goodies, new clothes.

Something I think about a lot: new ideas for products, my shop blog and things to add to it, lists of things and getting organized.

The last person I helped: Mary. She needed shopping advice.

The last thing I apologized for: probably Shaad for
inadvertantly offending him. I didn't mean it.

Something I'm worried about:
happiness, children, companionship.

What I wish for when I see a shooting star:
happiness, success, to win the lottery.

What my plans are for the rest of the day:
clean the kitchen, cook some food, crochet, organize, fiddle around on the internets.

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