Friday, December 17, 2010

Who's that?

Yeah, so on Thanksgiving I happened upon vintageortacky on YouTube and got sucked in and watched probably 6 hours of make up tutorials and was fascinated and drawn in by all the different looks. Funny thing is, I don't wear make up. Maybe some lip balm/gloss, but that's about it. Oddly enough I do own a few make up items though. So I went through my tiny supply and tried to imitate a few things and they were nothing to write home about. Then I became a little obsessed with make up and ended up spending a couple of bucks on some of the cheaper items out there and started to play around. It was fun and now I love a good nude lip. I like this look. It's not too flashy, but brings a little something. I really wanna try out some other color combos and expect that by the end of it all I'll have a bigger stash of make up. Look ma, I'm becoming a girl.

But I'm still kind of a goof ball. *shrugs* Also, that's what my hair looks like right out the shower and UNcombed. Yeah, I rarely if ever comb my hair. I know you're jealous. ;)

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