Monday, February 21, 2011

I want some fried chicken.

I miss listing. Twitter was born and my listing stopped.

Coral is such a happy color. I'm currently obsessed with it and navy. Together they make my  heart sing.

I'm gonna start doing a Picture of the Day (PotD) with my cell phone.

I wonder what things I'll capture.

I want some fried chicken.

Ever since I made that card I can't get My Cherie Amour out of my head. I hope he liked it.

Love does exist.

Totally smitten.

Please help.

v-neck + cardi + jeans + Chucks = so easy, so comfy, so my favorite right now

dress + cardi + Toms = can't wait for Spring so I can sport these

I need to get back on the job hunt.

I just want a job where I can be happy. Yeah, I know, that's a lot to ask.

Work is starting to get boring since no one is coming in really. I basically get paid to sit at a desk and play on facebook and twitter right now.

I'm enjoying putting on nail polish and make up. I've become kinda girly. It's a little weird, but cute at the same time.

I'm such a weirdo.

If you didn't already know...I'm ready for dress season.

And love.

I'm just sayin.

#nowplaying Friday I'm in Love - The Cure

I miss the dancing girl. My Front Page and Coaches folks know who I'm talking about. She's a little cheerleader mixed w/ I don't know what that other stuff was.

I miss the Front Page too.

Taking pictures would be ideal right now, though I'm not really inspired. It would be nice to just be out there snapping away.


My #futurehusband won't mind eating all the yellow and orange Skittle so I don't have to.

I put on eyeliner left handed today while I was talking on the phone. This is funny to me.

“I don’t want to casually date forever. I just want to love one person really hard and really intensely. I want to settle down and be domestic and cook dinner and have lazy Sundays in bed. I want someone who will love me all my lifetime, who will be faithful, who will raise children with me, who will hold my hand when we are old and grey. I want a  career I love, time to do the things I enjoy doing, passion, great sex, dancing, fireworks. I want it all.” ~Spatch from The Spatch Diaries”

I'm not even casually dating, but I want all that.

"Melissa L- You are one of the sweetest persons I know. It's awesome how you comfort me so  very much in times where comfort seems impossible, You have morals and love and strength that is so very inspiring. Thank you so much for all that you've done for me which is much more than many. Thank you for being you."

You just never know how much you mean to someone sometimes. I've been finding that out lately.

I hate when people send me packages and they get lost in the mail. Twice in a month. :(

KL is already making plans to take me to the food spots in Hawaii. Now all I gotta do is save up the money and buy my ticket.

#nowplaying The Rain Don't Last - Hope

I woke up sideways this morning, feet hanging off the bed. And I wake up at the same time every morning regardless of what day it is. Annoying. I don't need to be up that early. :/

Don't folks know that no one answers unknown calls anymore. Come on man. Be smart.

"if i was to wake up tomorrow morning,and decide that i really wanted to write about love... my first poem...would be about u.
about how i love you the same way that i learned how to ride a bike:
scared, but wreckless.
with no trainin wheels, or elbow pads so my scars can tell the story of how i fell for u."
-Rudy Francisco

Yeah, it's kinda like that. I wanna jump in heart fist and just go for it. Take it all as it comes.

Boss's words before we left: Don't you mother fuckers come in here drunk tomorrow.

“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.” - Unknown

I'm in love with what the future brings. looks like I'll be taking part in a documentary now too. This pretty damn awesome.  Maybe I'll share what it's about later. It has to do with a book we're walking on.

I never thought I'd be the starving artist type.

What would it take
To show you what you mean to me
Every word I say
Let's you know that you complete me
I'd paint your name in stars
I'd be all that you want in life
Giving me the chance
I know I'd make the perfect wife
The way I feel about you
Is more complex than the words I say
The reason I feel this way
I wanna do for you

Face tattoos are wrong.

I don't think my #futurehusband lives in Indiana. I don't know why that is, but yeah.

It's raining. Today feels like  good day to stay home and lay in bed today. Too bad I have to go to work.

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