Monday, March 21, 2011

wishes for spring

  • blowing bubbles with friends
  • trips to Chicago
  • sweet banter that makes me blush
  • business success
  • success for my friends in their endeavors
  • happiness for those around me
  • new issa.ino spring line
  • money saved and money earned
  • black sparkly TOMS
  • self portrait ink on my right forearm
  • fun and comfy dresses for spring
  • all things coral and navy
  • more LEGOS
  • sweet spring fling
  • support and help for those in need (japan, friends, etc.)
  • bike
  • tickets to concerts (Matt & Kim, Talib Kwali...)
  • fun photo shoots
  • antics and tomfoolery with friends
  • winning lottery tickets
  • weight lost and muscles toned
  • fun, fun, fun
  • holding hands
  • dates (girl dates, lunch dates, dinner dates, bubble dates, donut dates, phone dates, scrabble dates, hookah dates, etc.)
  • help when needed without having to ask for it
  • hard work
  • compromise
  • awesome care packages
  • good conversations with friends
who wants to help me cross some things off this list?

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