Sunday, March 20, 2011

i just want to ride bikes with you

I did something different on Thursday and I went out for St. Patrick's Day with my old coworkers. It was actually pretty fun. I'm glad that the weather was nice and I was able to wear shorts. I drank. A LOT. I was told I looked like Dr. Oliva (no idea who that is) and I was also called Mary Ann. Yeah. I don't know. Drunk people. I walked all the way back to the bar we paid a small cover at to pee. I didn't want to pay another larger cover just to go inside and pee at the bar we were at. It made sense to me. And my pockets.

TheNemesis now knows that I like him and have a crush on him. He's adorably cute and I just want to cuddle with him and kiss him on the lips.

The rain and lack of motivation kept me in all day Friday. I think it was probably all the alcohol from the previous night too. I don't know. But I surely was coming up with excuses not have to leave my apartment. I also got my first letter from my new pen pal Cuppy. She's cute and I think I love her already.

I was pretty much a tired and lazy bum on Saturday too. I did get a few things done though (worked on a new art piece). Took a couple of naps and stayed up way too late. I finished making a delicious Beef Stew with Beer and like 1100 and I had to have a bowl, so I kinda had to stay up for a couple of hours so I wasn't sitting with all that food in my stomach. (I always spell stomach with an e at the end and ALWAYS have to delete it).

I missed the Super Moon. (Even that couldn't get me to put on clothes and go outside.) I've seen some photos though and it looked amazing.

I did finally leave the house today. I had to. I had two photo shoots scheduled. And because the bus couldn't get me close enough to where I needed to be I had a nice long walk to one location. I'm not complaining, it made up for not leaving the house for two days. I enjoyed both photo shoots. The first was for a project that I'm working on with a friend. I can't wait to schedule more shoots for this project. The second shoot was for a local band. They had me standing in the middle of the street snapping pictures of them. The things you do to get the shot. I hope to get to take more pictures of them in the future.

Today is the first day of Spring. A Spring wish list is coming soon. To a theatre near you. Eh, more like a blog near you. My blog even. Mmmmm hmmmmm. I'm being weird again.

I can't wait for the J Dilla Tribute/Black Milk show on Wednesday. Can't wait!!!

*title is from a shirt someone had on YouTube. I really do want to ride bikes with him.

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