Thursday, June 9, 2011

epic adventures

Saw ScruffyNerdy last week at Coaches. We hugged like it was nothing. I like it when shit just flows like that. No awkwardness.

TheMC had a listening party this past Thursday for the album he released on Tuesday. My plan was to drive, but AT didn't get back from church in time...well she did, but I already had a ride coming, so I just got a ride instead. It started out as a sausage fest which I expected, but then a lot of ladies showed up. It also seemed to turn into a Twitter Meet Up. My ride left me to myself to sit with some girl and then Milk&Cookies ended up keeping me company.

Speaking of which, we ended up having a Twitter DM convo that got a little hot. Um yeah...which led to us spending 5 hours talking Saturday night because neither of us would make a move. It was pretty fun and funny. BTwice has sensed that there's something going on between us on Twitter. LOL. It was bound to happen. I'm not hiding anything. Might not talk about it so publicly, but I'm not hiding anything.

By the time Friday ends I will have worked 7 days straight. I WILL survive it. Then Saturday it's Pride and Sunday is a photo shoot. I'm off on Monday too. Woo! I don't mind getting a lot of hours, but many days in a row without a break is hard. I plan to have summer adventures of epic proportions and work my try to cramp my style. But someone's got to fund these adventures.

I really need to get to crocheting these hats. I was supposed to send out at least a week ago. It's just been so hot that I really haven't wanted to touch the yarn. But I will. I have to. I can't be such a slacker. It's bad business.

Can't wait to get my Hello Kitty Vans.

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