Friday, September 16, 2011

i be on something sometimes and other randomness

I think...I think there's something on my nose?
  • I be on something sometimes. The thought to take this photo just came to me and I said, yep...I'ma do it. And I did.
  • When I lived in Hawaii, my friends and I used to climb up into mango trees, pick the unripe fruit and then go find a shady place to slice them suckers up and eat them sour or sometimes with a salty fish paste. Yum!
  • My birthday is next month and there really isn't anything that I want. *shrugs*
  • I don't mind being alone, but it gets lonely sometimes.
  • I joined an online dating site. It's meh. I've become the type that doesn't pursue. I want to be pursued. I'm not sure that's going to happen. Men have gotten lazy.
  • I shouldn't say that. 
  • Hours have been getting cut at work. It's okay, but it's not okay. I have bills to pay and I'd like to go out of town for my birthday.
  • Thankfully my work is being picked up by a few places. Closer to my dream.
  • I now own more make up and care more about my skin that I ever did. It's weird. Next I'll start getting all concerned about my hair. Who am I?
  • I'm still me...that's for sure.
  • My skin has started to clear up and even out though. Looks nice. I love it. Who knew all I had to do was put in a little extra time and money.
  • The universe needs to put me in a new apartment. Preferably the one up the street with hardwood floors and a nice kitchen.
  • The universe also needs to let me win that $5000 Target gift card so I can furnish said apartment.
  • Come on universe, you can do it. Give it to me.
  • Ran into McDishes the other day. We're working on those two armed hugs. He's getting good. I can dig it.
  • I've had quite a few friends lately tell me they appreciate my honesty and that they come to me because of it. 
  • I need to buckle down and get organized and get to work.
  • Sleep is about trap me under it's warm, cozy blanket. Later dude.

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