Saturday, September 24, 2011

fall wishlist

  • cozy, warm two-armed hugs
  • warm, delicious breakfasts at Cafe Patachou
  • issa.ino hats and cards carried and sold in more boutiques and shops across the US
  • more custom bear hat orders via email and etsy
  • new larger apartment with hardwood floors and lower rent
  • relaxing and fun birthday spent having a good time
  • new computer desk and comfortable computer chair
  • Bazbeaux Pizza with friends
  • cuddling and kisses
  • tea dates/hot cocoa dates/ice cream dates/dinner date/lunch dates
  • successful eBay auction/sales
  • trip to Chicago
  • romantic rendevous
  • time well spent with friends new and old
  • success for myself and those around me
  • win a camera from The Pioneer Woman blog
  • 15 lbs lost
  • warm, bronzed, sun-kissed skin  (it's getting there)
  • peace, quiet and fresh breathable air in my current place of residence
  • houndstooth wood 0g plugs
  • more money in my pocket and savings account from winning contests and giveaways, work and issa.ino products being sold
  • patience, kindness and love
  • motivation and inspiration
  • complete and cross off several items on my Death to the List, Dos

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