Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Wishlist 2011

I had a hard time thinking of things I had to have for me birthday. Here's a list of things that'd make me happy though.
  • hanging out with friends at Coaches or where ever, I just wanna hang out with friends
  • nice warm day spent exploring Chicago
  • yummy burger and garlic fries from Boogie Burger
  • some of Lesley's delicious mac n' cheese (I got a WHOLE pan)
  • Johnny Cupcake x Hello Kitty Hoodie
  • Red Velvet Elvis cupcake from The Flying Cupcake (I did get a Texas Red Velvet from Sugar Bliss)
  • lots of two-armed hugs
  • fun and wild photo shoot (I got some silly ideas)
  • cup of Mango Tango froyo from Huddles
  • my neighbors to be quiet for the entire week (this includes that damn barking dog)
  • new ink on my right forearm to complete my set that goes with what I've got on my left forearm :)
Clearly food makes me happy as a lot of my list is food related. Ha!

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