Sunday, March 18, 2012

30 days of lists photo dump

I haven't been keeping up with the lists. After the other day and working full days I've been tired. But really that's not excuse. I've had the time, I just didn't spend it wisely. So today's post will be a massive photo dump. I think I only have like all of one reader though, so I guess that's okay. *shrugs* So where did we leave off? Oh yes, list 10...

list 10: today was awesome because...
  • i woke up...
  • i had the day off...
  • red velvet cupcake...
  • delicious dinner...
  • did i mention i had the day off?

list 11: right now i am
  • not wanting to go to work tomorrow
  • wishing i were cuddled up with him
  • ready for a change: hair, job, life
  • working on this list
  • gonna work on turning my attitude around. BE POSITIVE!

list 12: superpowers i'd like to have
  • ability to fly
  • teleportation
  • mind reading
  • speed
  • ability to heal

list 13: 10 years ago i...
  • 22 years old
  • was still in college
  • had no idea who i was going to become
  • was big into scrapbooking
  • can't think of a fifth thing

list 14: tools and toys to try
  • canon 5D mark II (so pretty)
  • iPhone
  • iMac
  • VW Beetle 2012
  • table saw (lol)

list 15: overheard today
  • gimme it...please!
  • why don't you ask?
  • so you're grounded when we get home then...FINE!
  • neighbors music through the floor

list 16: pet peeves
  • when people hand me crumpled up money
  • people who talk on the phone while checking out
  • greeting a customer loudly and then being ignored
  • smacking food and gum
  • improper use of you're, your, there, they're, their

list 17: favorite day of the year
  • my birtday!!!
  • days off
  • when the weather is perfect
  • morning after snowfall
  • spending time with you

list 18: family traditions (i don't have any i recall, ones i'd start though when i have a family...)
  • celebrating festivus (instead of christmas)
  • handmade valentines
  • random love notes
  • pizza night
  • special bonding days


Ohh Erin said...

Great lisrs. I love the shape of your boooklet. I also sniggered at 'photo dump' #immature

her said...

Thanks and thanks. I've had this album for a long time and am glad to have finally found something to do with it. I've been cutting down some of the pages just to switch it up a bit. I can't wait until it's done so I can put the binding back on before I lose some of the pages.

Campfire Chic said...

How are you going to bind your album, I'm not too savvy with the zutter-bind-it-all (even though I own one!) but it looks like you may be using one?

her said...

I have wire coils that came with this journal. I opened them up a bit to get the pages and cover out to work on them and will just insert them back in when I'm finished. I'll try to post it when it's finished.