Monday, March 19, 2012

spring wish listy

a new season, so it's time for new wishes. bring it on spring, bring it on.
  • business growth
  • lost weight
  • a first date
  • make & sell fifty cards (mostly mother's day) - sold about 65 mother's day cards!!!
  • new bicycle
  • more fun dresses and cardigans
  • patience
  • success for myself and those around me
  • new job that makes me happy
  • love and support
  • trip to Chicago - lots of good eats and even though I ended up there by myself, I still had fun.
  • trip to Atlanta
  • new ink
  • spend time enjoying the weather with friends
  • do three new things - not sure if I did three new things, but I did start one, maybe two. lol
  • start taking better care of myself
  • take a risk
  • eat vegetarian for a week - this was easy peasy. I plan to eat vegetarian more often. maybe have one week a month dedicated to eating vegetarian.
  • say yes
  • celebrate the small things

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