Saturday, March 3, 2012

challenges, goals and a perfect weekend

I've finally decided how often I want to blog my 30daysoflists pages. I think every three days is good. It'll give me ten posts total. I thought about doing it every day, but then I thought if I wanted to blog about other things it might be a bit much. Okay, so here we go:

day 1: challenges to accept
  • 30 days of lists
  • weight loss
  • build a successful business
  • be more supportive & loving
  • embrace change

day 2: this month's goals
  • drink more water
  • clean, purge & pack
  • take more pictures
  • tweet less, read more
  • work out twice a week

day 3: recipe for a perfect weekend
  • him
  • beautiful weather
  • good food
  • friends
  • music

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