Thursday, March 8, 2012

tomorrow, words, collections and a note

I was gonna change the posting date on this, but decided it was just easier to say why this post is late. I ended up in the ER yesterday and found out I have a kidney infection. Yuck. My back had started to hurt a few days ago and then Monday morning I slipped and fell on some snow. But the icing on the cake was sneezing at work and then almost falling to the floor in pain. My coworkers really didn't know what to do. I left work early and headed straight to the ER. In and out in four hours. It wasn't too bad. But anywho, here are the last three days of lists.

day 4: things i'll put off until tomorrow
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • making that doctors appointment
  • cleaning off my craft desk
  • working on a crochet project

day 5: words to live by
  • be kind
  • make sure you're wearing clean draws
  • thoughts create reality
  • karma will stab you with a rusty fork
  • you are beautiful

day 6: things to collect
  • paychecks
  • hugs
  • email addresses
  • cardigans
  • tattoos

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