Friday, March 9, 2012

inspiration, say no and happy places

My back is starting to feel a little better...kinda. Hurts less than on Tuesday, but it still hurts. I thought there would be a lot more relief by now. I'm not big on taking medicine, so when it doesn't really help, I'm disappointed and feel like it's a waste. Especially if I had to spend my hard earned money on it. Meh...anyway, here are the last three days of 30 days of lists :

day 7: i am inspired by
  • the late night grinders like @TheAIDG
  • friends & family
  • other artists
  • my environment
  • myself

day 8: i need to say no to...
  • that second serving
  • working on days off
  • the chocolate cake calling my name
  • sleeping too long
  • not working out

day 9: happy places
  • my bed
  • with friends
  • travelings
  • in the grass, in the sun
  • home

1 comment:

Ohh Erin said...

Mmm I love the smell of grass on a sunny day.

Great lists.