Sunday, April 8, 2012

5AT: garlic fries and toothbrushes

shroom burger and garlic fries from Boogie Burger

five awesome things

  1. new toothbrushes - nice and soft on your teeth, makes brushing fun. 
  2. garlic fries from Boogie Burger - gonna make your breath stank. if you're on a first date make sure they eat the fries too. don't be shy, it'll make a for a good first kiss story, I think.
  3. when your friend sends you the text that they texted to someone else because they had a dream about you - talk about randomness. it's all in good fun though. good thing it wasn't a dirty dream. that could've been super awkward.
  4. leaving work early - just about every day this week I was allowed to leave work early. love, love, love. when it's slow and there are too many people around it gets kinda boring, plus I had other things I wanted to do. better use of my time.
  5. patterned paper - there are oh so many different colors and patterns. I sometimes wish I could own it all, well not all of it because some of it is ugly. the cards and books that could be made. be still my evil little heart.
This post is something fun that I thought of this morning. It may not be something I do regularly though. There is so much awesome in the world that we forget about, so why not blog about it, don't you think?

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