Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a massive dump...of the photo variety

I've finally finished 30 days of lists. It took me a little longer than 30 days though. I'm gonna be a blamer for a bout 30 seconds and say I'm behind in part to going out of town last weekend for work. Yeah, I did it. I really enjoyed this project. The album was a little out of the box for me. A lot of throwing different elements together to create a page. Not really my thing, but it worked and it's beautiful. we go lists 19 through 30:

list 19: Dear _______, You make me happy in the following ways (you, where you is no one in particular)
  • you call me babe
  • you support me
  • you share what you're passionate about with me
  • we get to spend time together
  • you're happy

list 20: favorite memories
this is a tough one. a current favorite is running around Chicago in the rain with Greg. holding hands and stealing kisses.
hanging out until late into the night with friends on many occasions (shots with moonshine soaked cherries)
what else? hmmm let me get back to you

list 21: with an extra hour in the day i would
  • sleep a little longer
  • work extra
  • enjoy more time with friends
  • work out
  • have more fun

list 22: my care package
  • lots of thought
  • a surprise
  • something you love
  • something I love
  • will make your day

list 23: confessions
  • i'd be cool with settling down and having children any day now
  • i drink out of the container and eat ice cream out the carton
  • i don't always brush my teeth before bed
  • i've never REALLY been in love
  • crush easy and care hard

list 24: i am famous for...
  • bear and dragon hats
  • handmade cards
  • big boobed Asian girl
  • sarcasm
  • books @ bars ( my ability to read with loud music playing)

list 25: title options for my autobiography
  • boobs, books and bits...
  • [insert sarcastic remark here]
  • incoherent ramblings of that girl...
  • *slaps shit out of your hand*
  • the song is about me!

list 26: my morning routine
  • bob darth vader on the head to shut him up
  • check twitter and turn on the TV while still lying in bed
  • sit down at my computer and check facebook, tumblr and google reader and tell myself to get up and go make/eat brefess
  • eat brefess while reading questionable content and girls with slingshots
  • brush my teef, wash my face and get dressed for work

list 27: if i could do it over again
  • college, an art degree w/ a minor in business
  • ate better and worked more when younger
  • been more responsible with money
  • enjoyed college and had more fun
  • let go of the small things 
{but only if not too much changes in the present}

list 28: my last meal would include
  • bacon, bacon, bacon
  • bazbeaux pizza
  • greek or caesar salad
  • koo koo for coconuts cupcake
  • water with lemon

list 29: songs that make me wanna dance
  • sexy and you know it by lmfao
  • pyt by michael jackson
  • one more time by ?
  • do for you by heavy
  • hey ya by outkast


list 30: to my future self
  • say yes!
  • you're not alone!
  • take risks
  • have fun!
  • be kind!

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