Sunday, April 15, 2012

5AT: spinach smoothies and care packages

care package from Cyprus from Twin #2

five awesome things

  1. three days off - i like my time off. it means i can hang out at home and do nothing when i should really be doing something. 
  2. care packages - sweet baby jebus, i love a good care package that's got all sorts of yummy goodies in it. the one i received this week came all the way from Cyprus and it had Nutella, Hello Kitty goodies and Kinder MOTHER FUCKING Eggs!!! i haven't had any kinder eggs in years. i love them so. be still my heart.
  3. spinach in smoothies - yum! mixed with mango and pineapple and it gives it the loveliest green color and you can't even taste it. i love spinach on it's own, but this definitely helps to get it into my diet in another way.
  4. pumping gas like a boss - i don't drive very often, which means i pump gas less often. so it makes me nervous to do, but the other day i pumped gas like a boss. the only problem i had was getting the gas cap back on. awwwww yeeeah!!!
  5. eos lip balms - they look like little eggs and have a nice dome shape. so fun to put on and they smell good too. i want them all. i've gone through one entire one so far. also easy to find in a bag since they're kinda chunky and big.
an extra one just because: babe - i don't particularly care when someone calls me honey, baby, sweetie, etc. but when Babe calls me babe...i can dig it. it makes me feel special, though i'm sure it's a term he uses with other folks.

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