Sunday, May 20, 2012

5AT: MetroGnome Mixes and easy cooking

 five awesome things

  1. DJ MetroGnome's NEW Collections & Connections Mix - I love just about all of DJ MetroGnome's mixes. They get the most play on my iPod. The play count is ridiculous. The way he blends music together makes my soul sing. Go now and listen to this mix and then download it too. One of my favorite mixes that he's done is his Hug Life vol. 2. I call it pre-coitus, during and post coitus music.
  2. consignment checks - These suckers are the best because they are always unexpected. I open up my mailbox and it's sitting there all hey honey, how are you. I'm like what's up. I'm better now that you're here. Come to mama. Unexpected money in the mail, how can that not be awesome.
  3. Kraft cheese meal mixer things - I would go look up what these things are actually called, but I'm way too lazy to do that right now. Basically it's a separated plastic bag with cheese and other breading type things and you throw your meat in and shake it up and bake. Easy peasy meal and so good. I had chicken parm and then made my own tomato sauce to go with. Best dinner this week.
  4. banana, Nutella and peanut butter smoothies - mmmmm...a nice mix of fruit, chocolate and nuttiness. I froze the bananas and I think it made the texture much creamier than a smoothie. Delicious. I want to make these everyday. 
  5. YouTube - I spent an hour or so watching quilting tutorials and now I'm excited to get quilting. I love how YouTube gives you the ability to learn things by watching other people doing them. What were we doing before YouTube existed? I've also HOURS watching make up tutorials and if not for them I wouldn't know how to do red eyebrows or apply make up properly or so many other things.

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