Sunday, May 6, 2012

5AT: good food and tomfoolery

fuck a uniform, I'm wearing shorts to work

five awesome things

  1. winning giveaways - This week I won the my girl thursday x nerdJERK giveaway. AWESOME!!! Who doesn't like winning stuff? And it's crafty goodness kind of stuff. Things like this are always a nice surprise. And I forgot that I'd entered into this giveaway, so that made the deal even sweeter.
  2. sunny days - We had a mild winter and then it warmed up super early and then got kinda a cold again and now the weather is nice and sunny. And even though the sun is so bright that it kills my eyes...I still LOVE it. The days are getting longer too, which means playing outside more and less use of electricity. Yup, I think about those things, even though I'm a water waster.
  3. randomness that occurs when hanging out with friends - What was supposed to be a walk on the Monon with Jinni and Gritts turned into dinner at Yats...hijinx walking through Broadripple, karaoke and staying out way late when I had to work the next morning. But it was fun, so who cares if I didn't get enough sleep. The randomness is the best sometimes. Go with the flow and enjoy life.
  4. trying new restaurants - I ate out every day this week except for Saturday. *smh* On Thursday I enjoyed a delicious burger with AB at Bru Burger Bar on Mass Ave. AB and I used to try out new places all the time. We have to start doing that again. Sitting around eating good food and talking. Are you noticing a theme
  5. shorts - With warm weather, come dresses and shorts. It's time to show off those pretty tan legs...and keep cool. I've always had a hard time finding pants and shorts that fit. It seems like nowadays shorts are so short they look like panties. I'm 30 something. I'm not down with that. But Old Navy came through for me this season and I found some shorts that I love. Just the right length and height. And I love the color is perfect too, coral. Now I just need to save up and buy a few more pair. If only I could wear shorts to work. Thought with long sleeves and the apron, that would look kind of awkward.

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