Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A, B, C...easy as 1, 2, 3...

A little randomness and getting to know you post because I don't know what to write about at the moment. enjoy.

  • Available - Yes indeedy. Wanna go on a date? 
  • Best Friend - These days I don't really feel like I have a best friend, but if I had to say, it'd still be Mr. McD.
  • Cake or pie - Mini cakes aka cupcakes!!!
  • Drink of choice - 1) water, 2) tea, 3) sparkling water w/ juice
  • Essential item you use everyday - toothbrush, you gotta have fresh breath and clean teefs, even if you're staying home.
  • Favorite color - Green, though you'd think it was red by the red eyebrows and the red flowers on my tattoos and the red shoes and red this and red that...but it's's green. 
  • Gummy bears or worms - BEARS!!! And they have to be HARIBO fresh from Germany.
  • Hometown - came into the world in Hawaii, lived a good life in Germany amongst other places across the US and have spent a good amount of time in the Midwest.
  • Indulgences - baked goods and clothing
  • January or February - February, I get to hock my crafty goods and it's one month closer to Spring.
  • Kids and Names - this womb has yet to bear crotch fruit, but if I ever have a girl I'd like to name her Isabella Haiku aka Izzy aka Bella aka Ella
  • Life is incomplete without - music, good food and friends. I'm not sure what'd I'd do if I didn't at least have them.
  • Marriage date - none yet, you tell that future husband to hurry up and get here. I'm patient, but come on already. pleaseandthankyou
  • Number of siblings - an older brother and a younger sister who never made it.
  • Oranges or apples - clementines, everyday in order to prevent scurvy
  • Phobias or fears - tight spaces
  • Quote - The quote I left in my senior yearbook was from Toy Story. "To infinity and beyond!"
  • Reason to smile - sometimes it's him, the sun and a cool breeze, waking up in the morning, so many things.
  • Season - Spring, not too hot and not too cold. Fall too for the same reasons and because my birthday is in the fall.
  • Tag 3 or 4 people - I only have two readers, so it'd have to be them. But anyone else wanders across this post that'd be pretty awesome if they wanted to go ahead and do this and link back to me.
  • Unknown fact about me - I had four of my adult teeth pulled when I was 12 right after they put braces on my teeth. Not sure why they didn't do it BEFORE they put the braces on.
  • Vegetable you don't like - lima beans, YUCK!
  • Worst habit - making faces
  • X rays - most recently my back, also my teef, arm and leg
  • Your favorite food - sammiches
  • Zodiac Sign - Scorpio, watch out now.
I'm not tagging anyone, but feel free to go ahead and copy, paste and edit this on your blog so that we can learn a few things about you. Link back to me so I can check it out too. :)

random picture of my spinach grilled cheese because I want another

A B C - Jackson 5


ican'tsew said...

Wow, I'm one of two readers! I feel special, although you probably don't...(awkward) Anyway, I thought I'd let you know that I found your blog by the link you had on your comment in another blog's giveaway. You won. I didn't. Yeah..

chickenboo said...

One of like three, if we don't include the lurkers. I DO feel special. I feel like I'm talking to myself sometimes, but now I know for sure that I'm not. Yay! I'm not crazy. Better luck next time? *shrugs*