Wednesday, May 30, 2012

never a dull moment

video courtesy of Grey Granite

Soooo...this happened last night and this was just the end of what happened. The beginning was the little thing hopping up on top of a bar height table and dancing and stomping like nobodies business until the bartender made her get down. She was a feisty one. That wasn't doing it for her though, because then she hopped up on a chair and did some more dancing which ended up getting her kicked out. She didn't like that and made a big deal about it.

My Tuesday night spot is usually a pretty calm little place to hang out at. Nothing to exciting except for Detroit Dan (a homeless man) who does a lot of dancing and the occasional drunk girls dancing and bumping into everyone.

I did something out of the norm and wore a fitted skirt and heels (I normally throw on shorts/jeans and a t-shirt/cardi combo w/ sneakers) and some of my male friends made kind of a big deal about it. It was kinda funny and a little uncomfortable (the reactions, not the clothing).

Today was a lot of running around with friends and hanging out enjoying my one day off (I learned it was my only day off half way through the day, boo having to work, but the hours are pretty much all overtime now). We had a good lunch, a nice walk, saw a horse being ridden through the hood, sat and talked while sitting at the gazebo display at Lowe's like we were in someone's backyard and ran into a friend who zombied my face (bit my face, you guys have heard about that story right). Oh and I got to ride a bike for like a quarter of a block. It hurt my butt and the seat was too high. I definitely almost fell off.

Now I'm exhausted and need to get ready for work tomorrow.  I just wanna sleep in and create. I need to work on finding some balance. How's your week going so far?

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