Thursday, May 31, 2012

may goals - update

this photo has nothing to do with any of my unaccomplished goals

may goals*

  • save $100 - while I made a lot of extra money this month selling Mother's Day cards, I also went a little overboard and spent more money on things I wanted than I intended (I believe in spending like you have it, so you can have more, not always a great idea. You have to be responsible about it.) And because I did that I'm actually having to dip into the money I saved last month to pay rent for June. I'm usually pretty good with my money, but not this month.
  • visit the dentist - this didn't happen either. Since I spent money on the things I wanted to spend them on instead of what I needed to spend them on no calls to a dentist to make an appointment were made. I really need to take care of this.
  • make issa.ino an official business - I did go ahead and buy my domain name and website hosting, but that's about it. This goal freaks me out and that's probably part of the reason why I tend to avoid it. I haven't even done anything with the website.
  • purge, pack and clean my apartment - I cleaned and made an attempt at doing SOME purging, but nothing worthy of even discussing or marking this item off my list.
  • go on a date - didn't even try, though I did throw on a nice fitted skirt and heels the other night and had a couple of my male friends try to push up on me, but no dates. I don't even really know how to go about dating.
So yeah, I did a piss poor job this month on trying to accomplish any of my goals. It's not to say I didn't get anything done, I just didn't get anything I planned out to accomplish done. Better luck next month.

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