Wednesday, August 15, 2012

crafty and I know it

*does pelvic thrust and shuffle through post*

I don't really share a lot of my crafty goodness here on this blog, because I'm sharing most of it over on my other blog. But I thought today I'd drop in and share some of the things I've finished in the past week. 

The two pouches were for my friend Telissa, that's Melissa with a T. I think we're friends because our names are so similar. Maybe. I don't know. Anyway, she told me she was looking for something to hold a bunch of lipgloss in, but still wanted to be able to root around inside to find just the right color. Fat mouth zipper pouch. It was my first time making something like that and my second time working with a zipper. It turned out pretty nice I think. I almost wanted to keep it for myself. 

Telissa also loves Hello Kitty and I had some HK fabric left over and wanted to try out some quilting on the pouch so I made her a mini pouch too. The pouch actually matches a card holder that I'd made her too. I also filled the pouch with a couple of other HK goodies. (I like putting packages together for people and spoiling them.)

The necklace was something I just wanted to try out. I'm not big on neon, but wanted to add a little bit to my wardrobe and thought a necklace would be easiest. I pulled out my drill and paints and got to work. The necklace was fun to make and I'm thinking I may make some earrings for a friend or another necklace in different colors for myself. 

And lastly the arm band for my phone. I REALLY needed something for my phone when I run in the morning. I started putting my phone in my bra, but that doesn't work when you're boobs are bouncing up and down and then I put it in my pocket, but the buttons kept getting mashed and random things would come through my earbuds and distract me. I was thinking about making a fanny pack, but came across the idea for this first. It's perfect. Snug on my arm and it holds my idea. Now all I need is something for my keys.

I've got a bunch of stuff in progress that you can see over here. I don't know. Maybe I'll start sharing some of my crafty goodness here. What do you think? Have you been up to anything crafty today?


Pier 39 Prep said...

Yes! I'd love to see more of your projects! I love that orange and blue printed pouch! And I've been keeping busy lately by making hair bows. :) said...

Love the arm band!! I put my phone in my shirt too, which isn't optimal. Boob sweat, no bueno. Your projects are awesome! I want to get into sewing someday.


Alyssa Dawson said...

You are so talented! I love these! I'm a crocheter! (:

Alyx said...

I started singing your post title. You are awesome, especially with your thrust and shuffle.

These are AMAZING! I wish I was crafty!

Sadie Dear said...

Good job! THey;re all so gorgeous. I especially need an armband like that. I don't even run, but it'd still be handy!