Sunday, September 30, 2012


I saw this on Rima of Bolu by Rima's blog and thought I'd be a copy cat and do it too.

reading Women of the Pleasure Quarters: The Secret History of the Geisha by Lesley Downer. I like reading about geishas. Most people think they are/were whores, but they aren't/weren't. I plan to get a tattoo of a geisha eventually.

writing lists and a couple of blog posts. October Goal list coming soon to a blog near you. This one to be exact.

listening Revenge and occasionally one of the neighbors outside yelling to be let into the building and a dog barking. 

thinking about how much I don't really want to go to work on Tuesday and what I need to get done this week.

smelling nothing in particular. slight scent of milk from the glass I just drank.

wishing that I could move out of this apartment into a nice two bedroom with wood/wood laminate floors, a washer and dryer in the unit, quiet neighbors and lots of natural light soon and that I could start up my new business sooner rather than later.
hoping that this hole in my ceiling is a quick and easy fix. I don't particularly care for the maintenance people to be in my apartment, especially when I'm not around.
wearing a grey v-neck, my navy pants and my pink glasses, almost time to change though.
loving that I have supportive friends and customers. it's good to have people on your side when there's a lot of negativity in the world.

wanting to go to California for a nice vacation. Disneyland and SoCal and San Fran too. (I expect to receive a comment from Simply Evani this week about moving to/visiting California. ha!)

needing some good cuddling and cartoon watching in a nice comfy bed.

feeling pretty okay. things could be better, but at least I'm alive and breathing, well fed, warm and clothed. everything else is extra.

clicking around my blog to get tomorrow's post set up. 

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Rima said...

GURLLLLLL If you do come down to SoCal, holla! We must EAT OUT TOGETHER... Along with Gaby of course, tee hee. Evani will definitely get her butt down here.

Evani Gatsby said...

Bahahaha love that. Yes I will keep saying it: California is calling you!! Seriously after a part of your ceiling fell, I think that it's a sign that clearly California is where you belong (how I got that from the fallen plaster, absolutely no clue). I want to help your business friend, we should brainstorm about how we can pump up the noise!

siddathornton said...

hi there! so glad to have you link up for the sunday currently :) what kind of business are you wanting to start up? i've always kind of wanted to start up my own business too, but i get a little overwhelmed at all the work & time it would take. i admire small business owners!