Thursday, September 20, 2012

nom, nom, nom - let's eat burger edition


Oh how I love a good cheeseburger. I love it even more if it has bacon on it. Mmmm...I'm hungry now...and for a cheeseburger. This post probably wasn't a good idea. Oh well. It's  happening. One of my favorite spots to get a cheeseburger here in town is Boogie Burger. The owner, Marc, is awesome. Very fun and friendly and he knows how to get down. But anywho...let's get on to the burgers.

What's better than a cheeseburger? A STUFFED cheeseburger. Okay, maybe not, I'm particular to a bacon cheeseburger, but doesn't this look delicious.

I have yet to find a turkey burger that I like, but I think this one might be able to make me change my mind.

This month one of my goals is to cut back on bread. Another one of my goals this month is to eat a cheeseburger. Slap a piece of cheese on this baby and I can cross both goals of my list right?

Baby burgers need love too and I can attest that these are delicious as I've made them once before. I need to go ahead and make them again.

You're hungry now aren't you. And you probably don't like me because I posted all this deliciousness. Unless you don't eat meat, then you probably think I'm a heathen and you're not even reading this because you clicked away so you wouldn't have to see the meat murder. That's okay. I still like you. Maybe.


Louise.Amabilis said...

oh's 10am and I NEED a burger right now!! Thanks a lot :/ Those look absolutely amazing, I'm not big on turkey burgers either and since cutting back on meat for the hubby I've been trying a lot of veggie burgers, but in general I'd rather not have any burger than having to eat those!


Steff said...

I'm gluten free so I can't eat regular buns and am too poor to buy gluten free ones, so I do lettuce wraps most of the time. i love it so much more (as done my non-gluten free husband) because you taste so much more flavor! It's obviously delicious with the ore stuff on, like lettuce, avocado, etc. Now I want a burger!

Evani Gatsby said...

You're right, I hate you. I now want a burger more than life itself. I do love a good lettuce wrap burger, makes me feel like I'm making good choices.