Monday, September 3, 2012

work it on out

Happy Labor Day folks. I hope everyone has the day off. I work retail and normally end up working on the holidays, but some how I ended up with the day off. I can dig it. That doesn't mean I'm not working though. I have a couple of orders to fill and some projects to finish up and it's time for me to start thinking about the holidays and filling my shop with cold weather goodies and other fun stuff. Dreams can't come true if you sit around on your butt waiting for something to happen.

This is part of my sewing pile for today. These should go pretty fast. Add to that binding a quilt, creating my book for 30 Days of Lists (I'm already 3 days behind), working on crocheting up a couple of cowls, hopefully working on prep for a card order from my aunt and any other tasks I can come up with that I'd like to get done today. Busy. And that's just today, a day off.

On that note, I'm stepping back from responding to all your much appreciated comments. I really do appreciate every single one of them. Instead of responding back to all your comments, I'd like to spend any extra time reading your blogs and interacting with you all via Twitter, Instagram and email if you'd like to drop me a line or two chickenboo79 [at] I'll still reply to comments that need responses, but I don't feel like you need me to respond to every single one. Basically what I'm saying is that y'alls are the best, but it's my time and I'll do what I want with it. :)

And now I'm off to tackle my to do list for today and maybe pop out for a chocolate Frosty. I ran my farthest and fastest today, I deserve a treat.

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Evani Gatsby said...

Amen on the comment thing. I used to be the blogger that was like MUST RESPOND VIA EMAIL but honestly, it took too much time away from truly interacting! I don't mind if you don't reply as long as I get to talk to you somehow! ;)