Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a facebook page, a hole and some pretty cool shit

First, the blog now has a facebook page. Evani of Simply Evani really is one of my stalkers (joke). She found it before I even posted about it. She found it a couple of hours after I created it. *cue eerie music* But anywho, go like it if you like. I got a message that said I need 30 likes and then there are special features or something. And then there would also be more than just me and her liking the page.

Second, here's a photo of the big hole in my ceiling that happened Saturday while I was napping and woke me up. They haven't fixed it yet. They did feel the need to tell me what was going on, but I decided to call and they said the need to wait and hear back from a contractor. Who knows how long it's going to be? At least it's not leaking or anything. I do keep thinking that a squirrel is going to jump out and I've started to make sure I'm fully clothed when I'm in my living room and closing the door when I shower. 

That hole is the motivation I need to move out of this building. I've mentioned the bat incident, which wasn't so bad, but I also have horrible neighbors who slam doors, scream and yell, smoke in the hall way, blast their music with their doors open and other things that drive me nuts. I've even witnessed a few drug deals (at least I'm pretty sure that's what they were). Also, in June, my neighbor two doors down was stabbed to death in his apartment, rolled up in a carpet and left there. Yeah. I need to move. My friends all feel the same way.

So...all extra monies this month (save for maybe a new pair of TOMS for myself for my birthday) is going towards my moving fund. No extra snacks, no fast food, no new clothes or fabric. With that I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff listed in my etsy shop. And I'll be going through my things as I'm packing to find things I can sell. I've got a lot of stamp sets and cardstock I could part with and don't really want to move.

I listed this beauty today. Ain't she pretty. Don't you wish you had one. 
In this color or maybe in another color. Yeah you do.

You can find some of these lovely card holders and zipper wallets listed too.

So yeah, go ahead and spread the news. I will love you long time and even invite you over for dinner at my new place after I get all settled in. (Yes, I still plan to move out of state, but I believe it'll take me at least a year to save up enough to move. And I really do need to get out of my current apartment first and get some other things figured out.)


Rima said...

i'm diggin' that red polka dot holder.

are you planning to make a bigger wallet? or like a check book holder?

me want my bunny fabric. i need to find one and send it to you hahaha...

Evani Gatsby said...

BAHAHAHA I really am your stalker. In all seriousness to defend myself, I wanted to follow all my Let's Get Physical gals and I noticed I hadn't been following you yet! Also a weird part of facebook, the likes only count if you like them from you personal account. So don't worry, I did in fact like your page, even if it didn't count my Simply Evani page as a like. I still see your stuff.

Also yes, move with the quickness. I want that scarf but I can't see it on etsy?!

Breonna said...

How crappy its taking them so long to fix a hole in your ceiling. I totally sympathize because it took a month for our complex to fix a hole in our bathroom ceiling from the upstairs toilet leaking. fun times, but not really.
good luck on the move fund!!!

Maša said...

OMG, what a cool shop you have! I really like bubble cowls. I'm actually knitting my first cowl now (it's my first project, so I'm still making lots of mistakes). isn't it addictive? I wish I could do it all day.
I'm sure liking your page. :)

Chris said...

Hi Melissa, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris