Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters - I can't think of anything witty to put here

Dear Colder Temps - You think you're gonna stop me from putting on my shoes in the morning to go running, but you're not. Nice try though. While I love my nice warm bed, I also love the feeling I get from getting in a good work out. So there.

Dear Birchbox - Thanks, but no thanks. You really didn't have to send me that key chain for being a loyal subscriber. I do appreciate the coupon code though and plan to use it. I just wish you would've asked me if I wanted the key chain. You could have saved yourself a key chain, packaging and shipping. It's so wasteful.  I'm sure it was some kind of marketing thing, but instead of me thinking you guys are great, I'm just really irritated.

Dear Interwebs - I'm so enjoying learning how to do new things in PhotoShop. If it weren't for you'd I'd never find all these fun tutorials. Who needs to pay for school when I can find all sorts of handy information on the interwebs?

Dear Friends - My birthday is coming up. I'm just saying. Here's my birthday wish list. Or you can make a contribution to my moving fund or send folks over to the issa.ino: handmade shop. Or slip a few lottery scratchers in my bra. I could go for a good brunch, lunch and dinner too. Anything and everything is very much appreciated.

Dear Coworkers - It's me and all you boys for the next week and half. We can laugh and joke and talk about balls and farts, but if you guys pee on the floor or the seat and don't clean it up...I'ma be shitty. I ain't anyone's mama. Yet.

Dear Sweet Tooth and Cravings - Can you knock it off already? I'm trying to do something here. You're not helping. We can have a relationship, but not like this. Y'alls need to pump your breaks if you want to work out. mmmkay?

Dear Other Blog - I know I've been in a funk about posting on you. I'll be back...eventually.


reading - A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin


Sabz said...

birthday wish lists RULE.

new follower!

Rima said...

i love that r2d2 skirt. what.

i can send you a mason jar cupcake for your bday. he he he he he. nom.

SimplyHeather said...

Hi from Friday Letters!

I've had the biggest sweet tooth lately too! I think it must be something in the air. It needs to go away though!

Happy Friday!

xo, Heather

Michelle said...

Its always so much harder to get out of bed when the cooler weather hits - but you can do it! Have a fab weekend miss x

gale said...

I just heard on the radio that it's going to be a lot colder this winter than last winter. That's not saying much but I still hope they're wrong.

Evani Gatsby said...

LOL because we're good friends, I have to tell you how freakin jazzed I was about that lipstick holder. Hahahahaha it currently resides on my keys holding one of my PRIZED possessions, my chapstick. If I don't have a chapstick on me right when I need it, it means DEATH. lollll