Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gueeesssst Pooossssst by Rima

You have to read the title like your saying Spaaaccccce Ghooossssst! Oh, you don't remember that cartoon. Oh, well mind. Anywho, today's post is brought to you by my lovely sponsor Rima of Bolu by Rima. She's pretty awesome. Check back on Friday and I'll show you what she sent me in the mail. I've closed the comments here. Stop by her blog and leave her some blog lovin.

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Hi Sarcastic Readers! This is Rima from Bolu by Rima! The awesome Melissa allowed me to be a part of her blog today! Today I’m blogging from McDonald’s. Why? Because they offer free wi-fi and their Dollar Menu is awesome. I can be full for under $5!

Being the list freak that I am, I love doing questionnaires and list my answers. Thanks to Melissa, she gave me a bunch of lists to pick from, so it got me giddy! I’m gonna share you 5 topics of the list that I pick J Let’s go!

• Things to collect - I collect cameras. Seriously. From toy cameras, polaroids, digitals... I want to have a medium format camera... and a brownie... you know just to collect. I seriously want to build a shrine for it. If I have the money, I would buy a lot of lenses for the SLR/DLSR as well. Boo. Too bad they’re expensive!

it has grown from here...
• My morning routine - on my work days, it would be: snoozing 3 times (6.04, 6.13, 6.22) and finally wake my self up. Check my email, facebook and instagram for about 4-5 minutes (such a time waster!) and then finally roll to the bathroom and get ready. Then, sit down in front of my mirror and put my cover-up make-up on (it such a hassle to have vitiligo!) which takes about 25 minutes. Then with the last 5 minutes, I quickly browse around the kitchen on what to eat and to bring for work... hence sometimes my poor food choices L oh well. Then I’m off to work! I really  need to stop snoozing!

• Dear [Robert aka the Pillow], you make me happy in the following ways... - *insert cheesy points here* The way you play with my hair... It gets annoying though when I'm driving; When you "poke" me virtually via text messages; When you force me to fist pump when a upbeat song comes up; When we're together and our song comes out of your iPod and we just pause; When you send postcards from your travels; When you force me to cuddle with you in the morning; When you play with Chimichanga; When you ask for my opinion when you purchase something for yourself; When you actually tell me that I need to start working out (it shows that you care about my physical body haha); When you're concentrating hard on your work/school while we're on our weekly Panera date; When you always ask me if I want something when you're buying something for yourself; When you suddenly grab & kiss my hand while you're driving; When you go wild when your team scores (football/soccer); When you eat something delicious and become speechless; When you compliment my cookings; When you surprise me with lilies; and the list goes on and on and on...

• Pet peeves - When people tail gait me...I can drive much slower if you do, you know; When I'm talking and you're paying attention to your phone, not me (makes me mad!); When you're super late while I'm on time and waiting for you!; Crying bratty children at the store/church/DMV/McDonalds...



 With an extra hour in the day I would - Probably exercise. Hahah... NO! Sleep. You can never get enough sleep. Ever.

Anyhoo, if you haven't visited my blog, please pop by and say hi. I don't bite :)

Thanks Melissa for having moi!

reading - Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra