Tuesday, January 15, 2013

boom bap...muzak! v. 01.13

Another things I like (Tuesday) feature. Some of the music that I enjoy. The first two songs I tend to play on repeat on my iPod. Other than that I have nothing significant to say about this handful of songs. Enjoy!

Your Summer Song - Exile ft. J. Mitchell

Soul Kiss - Lee Wilson ft. Mos Def

Feelings - Whitney Coleman ft. Alpha.Live (a local artist, the dude is a close friend of mine, pain in my ass too)

Jesus Saves, I Spend - St. Vincent

You Are Not My Friend - Norah Jones

What do you like to listen to?

reading - Try the Morgue by Eva Maria Staal
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mrs. tabb said...

your blog is refreshing and awesome!!
new follower from the bloghop!