Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Savings Account - I need you to magically get full and fat so I can get this California vacation paid for and set in stone.

Dear Shoppe - I need you to sell out off all your warm fuzzies, fabric lovelies and paper goodies and also take in some custom orders. Entice the people with all your cute and pretty so we can get Savings Account full and fat.

Dear You - Let's cuddle and go on dates and have fun and fall madly in love with each other and take trips and be happy and have little ones and get hitched and enjoy love...starting right now even. Let's make this happen.

Dear Sushi - We shall meet soon. Very soon and it will be a beautiful union.

Dear airbnb - Please show me some cute, quirky and quaint little spots to stay for a good deal so we can get this vacation going.

Dear Sunshine - I'm grateful for you to do. You make me smile and glad to be alive. You also make the winter more bearable and the air a little bit warmer and make it a little bit easier for me to get work done. I love you.

Dear Friends - Let's have lunch.

reading - Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone
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Evani Gatsby said...

Ah, now you make me want sushi! Have a great weekend dear friend!

Jen said...

Yup I need sushi haha.

Rima said...

i hope sushi is gluten free. damn the deep fried ones aren't :(

i'll help you with airbnb. what's the budget?