Tuesday, January 1, 2013

january goals and a december recap

Happy New Year party people! Can you believe it, the world didn't end and now we have a new year of goals to accomplish. No resolutions for me, I'm all about goals. I think I did awesome last month. Check out my recap and see what I've got planned for this month. Then write your own goals and come link up with me. Can you dig it?

work hard to end the year right and enjoy the rest of the year - check and check! I had a lot of crafting that needed to get done to meet a few deadlines and I met them and then did some extra crafting too. this was on top of working at my retail job during the HOLIDAY season. I'm not really sure how I managed, but I did. I then spent a day and a half in Chicago with a friend. we ate our way through the city. Greek, Indian, Chinese, Thai and the best breakfast ever. It was just what I needed to end the month and year. I only wish I could've spent more time eating and hanging out with friends. Oh well, there's always next time.
100% complete! *does a happy little jig* Yeah I went easy with my December goals, but hey it's the end of the year and a busy, busy season. No need to add extra stress. It's a new year, so now let's talk about these goals for January.
I've included a few goals from last year because I think they're important and still want to accomplish them. I think they're all pretty simple and should be easy to accomplish. I want to start the year off right and keep the momentum. Wish me luck!

What are your goals this month? Grab the button below, leave your link and share with us, because sharing is caring.

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Chelsea Melrose said...

I was a day late with my goals! The post will go live at midnight so I will link up then :)

Evani Gatsby said...

I loved all your Chicago pictures, they definitely made my foodie heart sing. I wish we could have sushi together!!!

Jersey Blogess said...

you are hillarious - but I also make goals instead - much better that way :)

Anonymous said...

All of the food pics you were posting from Chicago looked amazing! I always love reading your goals each month, and eventually I hope to get my own act together and participate in your linkup :)