Friday, January 4, 2013

WTCraft week 1 and a small rant

*begin rant*

*deep heavy sigh*

Today I logged into facebook to see a message from my dad stating that he was home from the hospital. This was news to me, but not the first time it has happened.

My immediate family lives in Germany, many, many miles away. My dad is the only person I talk to. We don't talk often. It's just the way we are, but he never tells me the important stuff, like being in the hospital.

I moved back to the US 12.5 years ago to go to college. My dad has gotten increasingly sicker it seems since I've graduated from college. Every year it's something. I of course don't find out that he's been in the hospital until he's back home. No one, even him, bothers to inform me that he's in the hospital or that anything is wrong.

I don't like it. I hate it. It pisses me off and scares me. I understand that maybe they don't want me to worry, but it still sucks. And facebook is NOT the way I should be finding out that he's not well. I AM glad that he is back home and okay. After I commented on his status message he sent me an email stating he'd be having surgery later this year. At least I know that now.

Okay, so that wasn't as ranty as I thought it'd be, but this morning, I was upset. And every time it happens I get upset.

*end rant*

Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's talk about WTCraft. So far so good. 3 days down 362 more to go. I've gotten quite a bit of sewing done the last couple of days. It feels good to get back to my machine. You'll probably see more cards over the next few weeks though since Valentine's Day is coming up next month.

left to right: working on a hat, reusable pocket/hand warmers, a super hero wallet

Also, yesterday I got to talking to someone who works at a local market here and they've got a small space they're looking to fill. They're thinking a handmade related mini shop. I could be running a consignment shop in the near future. I'm pretty excited about it.

Check back Monday for a Valentine's themed gift exchange and then again on Wednesday for my 500+ post giveaway. Yay!!!
reading - A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
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Shannon said...

My mother in law had a stroke...and decided not to "worry" us or any of the kids with it???? And other older adults in the family have done similar things? Weird huh? I want to know!

Rima said...

gurl that sucks to find out CYBER-ly. not cool. but i'm glad he's back home though.

when was the last time you were in Germany? I WANNA GO with you hehe...

OOOO let's go Monday!

Evani Gatsby said...

No matter what the situation, it's never fun to find out things like that online. I'm glad it at least opened up the forum for him to tell you about his future surgery :/. Sorry girlfran. And your WTC is totally inspiring me, I love all the projects you're doing!