Tuesday, January 29, 2013

nerdy is the new cool - FIRMOO: a review

If you've been following along here since at least August, then you know that I'm obsessed with glasses. I mean check out how many pair I ALREADY own.

So...when FIRMOO contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their glasses and service I jumped at the chance. How could I turn down the opportunity to add yet another pair of glasses to my ever growing collection.

While the wooden framed glasses were not available for me to pick from, these lovelies were. (Wooden framed glasses will be mine one of these days...hopefully after this No Buy is over.)

I haven't switched back to my normal glasses since I've received these in the mail. They fit great and are nice and light weight. I have really bad eyesight and they warned me that the lenses they have might be a bit thick (think coke bottle glasses) but these are just fine. They don't feel or look thick at all and they're still pretty light weight. 

I've been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade. I've tried contacts, but they always make me look like someone punched me in the eye. I've heard they've made advances in eyewear technology since the days of back then and I may consider trying them again. I mean, why not. But for now it's glasses for me.

FIRMOO has a great selection of trendy, fashionable and every day frames (that includes wooden frames, I'm obsessed) and they're very affordable (starting at $8). Especially compared to ordering from some of the major eyeglass retailers. The last time I bought glasses from a major retailer/in store I think I paid about $300 and while I did get two extra pair free, I still paid $100+ for them. Lenses alone at Walmart are usually about $80 EACH for my Rx.

FIRMOO is a great way to get glasses if you're the type to lose them, break them or just like to change your look and don't care about fancy designers. And they even have virtual try on so that you can see how they look before you buy (you can even use your own picture).

The best part of it all...FIRMOO has a great program where your FIRST pair is free. You just pay the shipping, which is pretty reasonable. FREE glasses, for just the cost of shipping, that's it. Glasses are for everyone these days. Nerds are finally cool and the cool kids want to wear glasses too. And FIRMOO accommodates with non Rx lenses as well.

*this post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own 

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Evani Gatsby said...

I like these frames on you a lot!!!

Laura Go said...

OOOOH! Love this pair you picked! I do hope they stock those wooden ones back because they're sooooo cool looking!
♥ laura
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Setarra said...

They look great on you! And that hair, Yessss for the va-va-VOOM! I love big hair :)