Tuesday, February 12, 2013

be my FREAKIN valentine - link up

Yeah, so...I didn't realize until yesterday that today was link up day. I mean...in the back of my mind I knew it was coming up soon, but I still kinda forgot. I've been pretty busy making Valentine's card for um...that one holiday where everyone hates each others guts...what was it again. Oh yeah Valentine's Day. I'm vending at the City Market here and want to have at least 100 cards ready to go. That's a lot of cards when you want them all to be unique. No carbon copies like Hallmark here.

Anywho...Thanks to Rima for hosting this fun little gift exchange with me. I'm not a Valentine's Day grump or love hater as some people may be led to believe. I mean come on...it's a holiday that involves chocolate, how can you dislike that? I do dislike when people get all bummed out because they don't have a Valentine. Especially people who have children and loving families...those right there are built in Valentines. I guess some people just like to be miserable and complain.

Let me get back on topic. Money was tight when I did my gift shopping (rent was due) and I felt bad I couldn't do more for Setarra of The Burghal Gurl (I like sending fun packages). I plan to do something special for her though maybe later this month. I won't say when, it'll have to be a random surprise. *wink*

[insert picture of awesome Thundercats Valentine here]

Amber from The Chickapea & Me sent me the most awesome Valentine package ever. (I will post pictures later, it was late and the light in my apartment sucks to get decent pictures.) The card was so much fun. Thundercats + glitter = awesomeness. It's hanging on the board above my desk and I will probably never take it down. I felt spoiled by Amber. I mentioned that Hello Kitty was my home girl on the survey she sent me a couple of HK themed items. My favorite being the big coffee tea mug with the plushie attached. I can't wait to use it. It'll be great for soup too. She also sent alone some fun Valentine themed socks, chocolates (yum), lip gloss and a beautiful note book. Oh and she also sent me a small box of JUST red skittles (it was my random fact). I'm a little curious as to who had to eat all the yellow, orange, green and purple skittles. Ha!

Also as part of this gift exchange we asked that everyone make a donation to the American Heart Association as heart disease is the number one killer of women over all types of cancer. AND February is National Heart Awareness month or something like that. I know everyone is wearing red and it doesn't have to do with Valentine's day. 

Now how about you guys? What goodies did the mail carriers bring to you? Come link up with Rima and I below and check out some of the other links too.

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Meg said...

Thanks so much for hosting! This was a great swap.

Jen said...

What a wonderful swap! Sounds like you got a good package of goodies. :)

Allie said...

Thank you so much for hosting this fun swap, I had a great time shopping and receiving! :)

Amber said...

I am so glad you liked it!! I have to admit, I didn't realize I was sending to the HOST of the exchange until I wrote up my post about it haha So I'm glad I didn't disappoint you!

Oh, and my hubby and toddler ate all the yucky colored Skittles, and I ate all the purple ones ;) Haha