Saturday, February 16, 2013

WTCraft - week 7

Can you believe we are seven weeks into the new year already? Crazy. I'm finally done making Valentine cards and I'm glad for that. Towards the end there my brain was starting to shut down and I struggled to pull together the last few cards. I ended the week with a last minute custom coupon book.
top to bottom from left to right: card, card, custom card, card, a days worth of cards, the last few cards, last minute coupon book for a customer
I'm ready to work on my learning to knit goal and get some sewing done. In a month or so it'll be back to making cards again when Mother's Day is upon us.

reading - Bonk by Mary Roach
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Evani Gatsby said...

I absolutely love your cards, I don't think I like anyone else's as much as yours! Next year, I'm definitely buying some! <3